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Here is an updated look at candidates for the ninth pick of the 2019 MLB Draft."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Talking Chop User’s GuideTalking Chop PodcastAround the NL EastBaseball Analysis PrimerUpdated look at candidates for the Atlanta Braves top 2019 draft pickNew http://www.padresfanprosh...rad-hand-jersey ,37commentsHere is an updated look at candidates for the ninth pick of the 2019 MLB Draft.EDTShareTweetShareShareUpdated look at candidates for the Atlanta Braves top 2019 draft pickAdam Hagy-USA TODAY SportsNow that we are in April, we are two months into draft season and two more months out from the draft itself. That means players are starting to both emerge as well as drop off the board for the Braves with the ninth overall pick.Now is as good of a time as any to see who has come off the board for the Braves because they have moved up, or moved down, as well as some guys who have moved into consideration. Note that Oregon State star catcher Adley Rutschman and Texas prep shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. were already off the board as guys who won’t drop to nine and Carter Stewart isn’t going to be a candidate because he would need to allow the Braves to draft him again (this happens with any player drafted by a team previously and not just due to how things worked out last summer).Moving Off Board (Moving Up)Andrew Vaughn, 1B, Cal - I was high on Vaughn before his name really started to get out there and he quickly became my top target in this draft as a realistic pick. But then he just kept producing to the point he has taken himself out of any position to drop down to the ninth pick. A likely Top 5 pick, Vaughn is a big time bat that will make some team very happy.Moving Off the Board (Moving Down)Graeme Stinson, LHP, Duke - The thing I’ve tried to note with Stinson all along is despite his huge stuff, great frame for starting, and huge results last year, he really needed to prove himself as a starter this year. He hasn’t been great through five starts and his stuff is down thanks to lower velocity than what he showed out of the bullpen last season. I would say he’s 100% out of it for the Top 10 should he rebound in the next two months, but the fact he was recently moved out of the rotation is a bad sign for a guy who needed to prove himself capable of handling a starter workload.Moving Into the Top 10Bryson Stott, SS, UNLV - I have had Stinson just outside of my Top 10 for a while now. Stott is a shortstop who can really hit and is a more than capable fielder. He had some questions about the power heading into the year because he didn’t have the strongest end up his summer with USA Baseball last year, but he’s at five homers to go with a triple slash of .310/.477/.543.The Big RiserHunter Bishop Wil Myers Jersey , OF, Arizona State - Hunter Bishop was a solid second day candidate heading into the spring, but he has had a massive breakout to emerge as a potential Top 10 pick. I’m not fully bought in just yet but am coming around more and more on him. Bishop had .847 and .759 OPS marks in his first two seasons in Tempe with five homers apiece, but in just 26 games (roughly half the games of each of the past two years since the season is still ongoing) Bishop is only a few homers away from doubling his career homer total. He’s at 16 homers to go with a .424/.558/1.040 slash line. Yes that is a SLUGGING PERCENTAGE over 1.000, not just an OPS. He’s also stolen 10 bases in 13 attempts and while he’s not a burner, he’s able to use his instincts on the basepaths. I see Bishop at a right fielder with power, an improving hit tool, and some ability to use his legs.Moving Up within the First RoundJJ Bleday, OF, Vanderbilt - JJ Bleday was always a very good hitter with some untapped power potential. He was a first round pick heading into the year after a sophomore season where he hit .368/.494/.511 with four homers, but after hitting five homers in the Cape his power seems to have taken a step forward. This spring he’s at .355/.449/.709 with 11 homers. Bleday reminds me a lot of a Trevor Larnach from last year- a guy who was a very productive hitter and big time on base skills guy that saw his power take a jump in his junior season. Bleday is still a little lower than the Top 10 for me, but he’s at least putting himself into the conversation for the Top 10 thanks to his power, on base ability, strong right field defense, and pedigree at a top SEC school. Should the Royals go with speed or speed?"Alcides Escobar is not walking through that door. For years Royals fans have debated whether Esky should lead off, but last year the team finally bumped Alcides down in the lineup and went with Jon Jay and Whit Merrifield to top the lineup. Merrifield would seem to be the favorite to lead off again this year after leading the Majors in hits and stolen bases Rickey Henderson Jersey , but manager Ned Yost is considering some tweaks to the lineup.The emergence of Adalberto Mondesi as a threat both at the plate and on the basepaths gives the Royals some interesting options at the top of the lineup. Should it be Merrifield-Mondesi? Or Mondesi-Merrifield? Who should lead off?Why Whit Merrifield should lead offIf it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Last year, the Royals had Merrifield lead off with Mondesi hitting second over the final 23 games. In those games, they scored 4.7 runs-per-game,up significantly from their 3.8 run-per-game pace prior to that. Now that’s a small sample size and a lot of that may simply be from playing guys like Mondesi and Ryan O’Hearn over the stop gap players there before, but the lineup was clicking with Merrifield followed by Mondesi at the top.Having Merrifield at the top of the lineup could also give Mondesi better pitches to hit. There does seem to be evidence that pitchers will throw more fastballs with a speedy runner at first base, so having the stolen base title-holder at first base could allow Mondesi to see more heaters, which are easier to handle. This could mitigate Adalberto’s weakness, which so far has been pitch recognition. And putting Whit at leadoff may give more plate appearances to what may their best offensive player. ZIPS projects Merrifield to post a .331 on-base percentage, better than anyone else on the team except Jorge Soler. More plate apperances means more Whit on base, and more Whit on base leads to more runs. Why Adalberto Mondesi should lead offThis is a rebuilding season, so the Royals should be trying out all sorts of new ideas, including possibly batting Mondesi leadoff. Leading off with Mondesi makes some sense, as he is likely more of a stolen base threat than Merrifield - odd to say when Merrifield led the Majors last year, but if you pro-rate Mondesi’s stolen base total to a full season he laps the crowd. As Yost suggests, batting Merrifield second could also open up stategic possibilities since Whit is so good at handling the bat. Merrifield does a better job putting the ball in play with a 16.5% strikeout rate last season compared to 26.5% for Mondesi. “The Book” http://www.padresfanprosh...rad-hand-jersey , a treatise on recommended strategies based on analytics written by Tom Tango, Mitchel Lichtman, and Andy Dolphin, recommends putting your best hitter at #2 to maximize plate appearances, but also allow for RBI opportunities. As Aaron Gleeman at Baseball Prospectus puts it:If you believe Whit is the best offensive player (ZIPS projects Merrifield and Mondesi to be about equal offensively overall, although with greater OBA from Whit and more slug from Mondesi), then hitting him second behind Mondesi would provide Whit to both get on-base but also have RBI opportunities when Mondesi is on base. On the other hand, Mondesi projects to have a sub-.300 on-base percentage, so the opportunities for Whit to move him over or get him home may not be there that frqeuently. Having Mondesi lead off would also give him some more lineup protection with Merrifield hitting behind him rather than, say Alex Gordon or Jorge Soler. On the other hand, there are questions as to whether lineup protection is really a thing.Ultimately it probably doesn’t matter too much as long as both hitters are at the top of the lineup. The Royals will have two pretty dynamic hitters who can be major threats on the basepaths. Whether or not that will lead to a lot more runs remains to be seen, but at the very least it provides for a more exciting brand of baseball to watch in 2019.
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